About Me

I am an exclusive professional and lifestyle Dominatrix based in London.

My interest in Kink and BDSM spurns over a 30 year period, initially as part of My personal interests and lifestyle and over the last 4 years as a Pro-Domme.

Sadism and Domination is My primary interest above all else. I love to play with your mind, using your body as a vessel to transport you into a new realm of reality, where your most secret and shameful fantasies can become accepted and cherishes realities.

I adore being in control, playing with the dichotomy of you wanting to stop the discomfort experienced, yet craving to continue and to be pushed further in order to please Me. While you are with Me, I expect your total submission and servitude. Knowing that you are My object, willing and ready to be pushed to the limit is what arouses Me the most.

My sensual style of Domination is an expansion of Myself. My calm, playful and calculating demeanor will keep you on your toes, never knowing what My mind is plotting for you next.

Underneath My smile and My petite 5 ft frame lays a will of steel, tempered by years of experience within a BDSM lifestyle and the integration of all that I have learned about Myself and the human mind as part of my therapeutical background. I am as caring as I am sadistic and I don’t believe one excludes the other.

My enjoyment comes from cultivating the connection and understanding that regular sessions bring to both of us so that we can expand and dig deeper into the unconscious realm of desire. Newbies, as well as more experienced players, are very much welcome to approach Me, as long as it’s done with respect and appreciation.

I embrace enquiries from all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, and abilities. I take pleasure in creating a safe and secure space where you are able to connect with your deepest fantasies and desires at a pace set depending on your experience and our established connection.

In My world, deviance and perversion are qualities to be cherished as they provide a break from the blank, the norm, and the comfortability of the established.

Travelling is another of my vices, I enjoy travelling around the world, and I do so as much as I am able to. If you would like to submit to Me but are not able to visit Me in London, I will consider travelling invitations.